Artists worldwide create cool patterns designs every day... shop for your favorites! Geometric t-shirts, hoodies and mugs have mathematical patterns, shapes and the types of geometry you won't find in a math book. The patterns designed t-shirts are the cure for wardrobe woes. It is the staple item that works as a base for any outfit that needs some new life. Cover your body with amazing Geometric Pattern t-shirts from Search for your new favorite Pattern shirt designed by artist from around the world.

  • magliette - Vibrant Wolf
  • magliette - What If?
  • magliette - Make It Happen
  • magliette - The division White
  • magliette - winya no. 78
  • magliette - FLOWERS SKULL 01
  • magliette - I Love Your Edges
  • magliette - Winya no.59
  • magliette - Arrows Map
  • magliette - Trioceros
there are no other designs

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