The minions design was inspired by the Jawas from Star Wars and the Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Join the army of minions! Fanciful t-shirts featuring cute minions will put all eyes on you. Get some minions inspired designs on tees and hoodies and conquer the world. It's your time now, be the G'u'ru of the situation, be the mastermind with the evil plan! Surround yourself with cuteness by covering your boby with minions inspired apparel.

  • magliette - Season's grutings!
  • magliette - This Boss won't die off
  • magliette - Torture resistant
  • magliette - Speak banana and Enter
  • magliette - The Feeling Ain't Mutual
  • magliette - Me have banana!
  • magliette - Epic language barrier
  • magliette - Miniontron
  • magliette - I like yellow butts and i cannot lie
  • magliette - Cornered 3
  • magliette - BanaKnight
  • magliette - Ark of the Banana
  • magliette - Banana Before Christmas
  • magliette - I Like Big Bosses and I  cannot Lie
  • magliette - Life without banana
  • magliette - BANANAS! Best idea ever!
  • magliette - That Cute face
  • magliette - Banana Surfing
  • magliette - Americanana
  • magliette - Patriotic Minion
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